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Ship design



We’re bringing together experience, the ability to innovate and state-of-the-art equipment to set the standard for the future of ship design.

Ship design solution
Ship design adding value


Delivering value where it matters

Solving the challenges our customers face is at the heart of everything we do. We design complete solutions to provide measurable value where it matters most.

Our goal is designing the best possible ship, which is why we cover every aspect of the process, from concept through to design, equipment selection, procurement, systems engineering, integration to production engineering.

Our approach reduces costs, maximises efficiency and caps risk, delivering solutions that strike a perfect balance between performance, investment and ownerships costs, all backed by an international customer support network.


We test and verify the motion of all our ships, continually improving our designs to solve the challenges facing our customers and evolve the design of our vessels to ensure optimal performance, safety and comfort, no matter the conditions.

With more than 900 designed vessels at sea, we know what it takes to integrate systems so that all major, mission critical components interact correctly, meaning we can ensure efficiency, reliability and safety.

State-of-the-art technology demands state-of-the-art training, so we offer a range of tailored training courses and programmes using the latest simulators and training aids, as well as giving our customers the opportunity to access online training services.

Adding value

High-quality design delivering real value

We’re focused on delivering highly functional solutions, cutting through complexity with our simple, efficient design language that reduces cost and build time, and has been proven to benefit shipyards and operators over the thousand vessels we’ve designed.

Adding value

Cutting emissions and cutting costs

We’ve been focused on lowering emissions for years, and our experience and track record means we know that our solutions can meet the strict environmental targets facing our customers.

Adding value

Creating a seamless system

We create one coherent control system irrespective of the number of suppliers, simplifying everything, cutting build and operating costs and increasing efficiency.

Adding value

Discover our innovative approach

More than 900 UT and NVC vessels are in operation all over the world – under the toughest conditions known to man. We continue to work closely with vessels’ operators and crew, forming a vital knowledge base from which we continually improve and refine our designs, passing those benefits on to everyone we work with.

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