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Rental - Marine / subsea equipment

Marine and subsea equipment rental
The Munin autonomous underwater vehicle is now included in our rental pool.

We support customers by renting marine equipment anywhere in the world. Our rental pool offers KONGSBERG equipment to key markets including offshore oil and gas, subsea and merchant marine.

There are many benefits to renting equipment and can often save you both time and money. Through our rental service you can rent for short- or long-term projects and have access to KONGSBERG's expertise and customer support. We will develop a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Rental offices

Europe - Middle East and Africa

Country, city


Phone number

Netherlands, Rotterdam

Kongsberg Maritime Holland BV

+31 181 623611

Norway, Åkrehamn

RTS - Rental Technology Services

+47 52 81 47 60

United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

+44 1224 278 580

Far East and Oceania

Country, city


Phone number

Singapore, Singapore

Kongsberg Maritime Pte. Ltd.

+65 64 11 64 00

North America

Country, city


Phone number

Canada, Vancouver

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

+1 604 464 8144

United States of America, New Orleans

Kongsberg Maritime Inc.

+1 504 712 2799

South America

Country, city


Phone number

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Kongsberg Maritime do Brasil S.A.

+55 21 3525 0251

Available equipment

Available equipment can be found listed below or you can download our rental catalogues to see exactly what we have to offer.


Acoustic Positioning

  • Positioning systems
  • Transducers & cables ROV transponders
  • Transponders up to 4000 metre depth rated
  • Transponder flotation collars
  • HAIN system
  • Subsea sensor module
  • Ancillary components – Sound velocity meter


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

  • MUNIN AUV / marine robot

Marine broadband radio

Data Telemetry

  • Acoustic Modem
  • Radio Modem


DP Reference

  • Laser Ranging Systems
  • RADius relative position reference system
  • GNSS Positioning Systems

Multibeam echosounder


  • Multibeam echo sounder systems
  • Multibeam echo sounder ancillary options
  • Echo sounder
  • Software
  • Sub-Bottom Profilers & Side Scan Sonar Systems


Vessel Reference System

  • Motion reference units
  • Ancillary components
  • Motion data recording
  • Precise heading, attitude and positioning sensors

Customer Benefits

  • Latest Kongsberg Maritime equipment
  • World-wide delivery
  • Immediate replacement
  • Equipment trial
  • Operational and manufacturer support