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Motion and heading sensors

Overview of motion and heading sensor products

  • The Motion Reference Units (MRU): First launched in 1992, and since it's launch more than 9,000 units are deployed and in operation.
  • The Seapath position, attitude, time & heading sensors: Offers the advantages of gyrocompass, GPS and vertical reference technologies in a single, robust system.
  • Vessel Motion Monitor: Interfaces to a range of sensors for accurate monitoring of any point on a vessel.
  • Gyro compass and INS: The MGC R3 includes three Ring Laser Gyros and three linear accelerometers providing high accuracy suitable for applications such as seabed mapping.

Accuracy, reliability and simplicity

Accuracy, reliability and simplicity are essential features for equipment used in demanding marine operations. We offer 20 years of knowledge in design and application know-how in area of motion sensors, inertial and GPS technologies.