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Maritime Broadband Radio


The Maritime Broadband Radio is developed for use in maritime applications where digital high-speed reliable communication and data transfer are crucial for efficient and safe operations.

MBR unit

Low latency transfer of data, without the need for additional infrastructure and no prospect of data ‘disappearing' en-route.

Connecting vessels

Operating as a maritime "information highway", the MBR connects crews and their vessels with a high-speed and high capacity digital communication channel with "fast track" priority options. The system can securely carry a diverse array of operational information, from real-time video to system data, and remotely situated teams can work together seamlessly, coordinating systems and activities for optimal performance, safety and operational success.

Extremely robust

MBR unit

Screen shot from the MBR configuration tool.

The MBR system enables high speed, high capacity and extremely robust data, voice and video transfer between multiple vessels and other assets.

Easy to operate

Unlike satellite, Wi-Fi or mobile network platforms, MBR requires no extra infrastructure or equipment beyond the units on the participating vessels. This makes it a simple to use and maintain solution enhancing efficiency in maritime operations.

Key features

  • Beyond line-of-sight operational range
  • IP connectivity for easy connect to subsystems
  • Solves "Line-of-sight" challenges
  • Live HD video stream capability
  • Various models for easy deployment


Typical applications include:

  • Hydrography
  • Surveillance
  • Marine operations
  • Remote control
  • Autonomous
  • Inspection
  • Tandem lifting
  • Oil spill response
  • Remote sensing
  • Rig move
  • Wide azimuth
  • Fish farming
  • Seismic operations
  • Offshore loading
Dan Hook, Managing Director of ASV Global about the MBR.
KONGSBERG’s tandem lifting solution combines motion sensors, high speed data communication and real time calculations.

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